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May Matters


British astronaut, Tim Peake, is due to return to earth from the International Space Station at the beginning of June after his six-month mission. His different perspective of the planet which we inhabit, photographed from space and sent to us via computer technology, has enthralled young and old. Violent storms, swirling auroras, spectacular sunsets, snow-capped mountain ranges, brown deserts, light-studded cities at night, and the vast empty spaces of the oceans, have been seen from above and beamed to us below.

Tim Peake, whizzing through the silence of space, doesn't hear firsthand the constant roar of traffic, the gunfire of war, or the cries of hungry children down here on earth. Yet, thanks to modern communication, he's in touch with what's happening on earth as well as in his ISS environment.

How much more is the, "Creator of the rolling spheres," aware of man's goings-on - on earth and in space! If you believe in God you'll thank him for the pictorial images of earth from the ISS that make us see in a fresh way his creativity in the diversity and beauty of his universe. 

For all man's achievements there is still a vast amount concerning the universe that we haven't yet discovered, understood or conquered. The more we discover the more we realise how much we don't know. And the more in awe of God's majesty we become.